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Strategic and Creative Consultants

Valentin Villamil – CEO

Brand Consulting &
Marketing Strategy

We are not an agency, we are strategic and creative consultants. We organize your strategy and creative concept and then we let you go with your team or we help your brand find the agency that fits best your needs, then you call us back when you need us again.


We solve your integral communications strategy by developing an overarching concept for your brand. This concept might then be further developed as a campaign by your agency or design team, but we’re always available to advice you on what’s best.

When should you contact VSP?

  1. When you want to start a brand but you are not sure about the name, the strategy, the image and its overall concept.
  2. When you have a social media or an in-house agency, but you don’t have a strategy in ATL, BTL or Digital Media.
  3. When you need an overarching brand concept.
  4. When you need an outsider to give you a fresh look on your strategy and advice on a new, fresh campaign.
  5. When your agency sucks and you are looking for a new one, we are not it, but we can guide you into finding what fits you best.
  6. Whenever you are in trouble with your brand.

Established in 2006, VSP “Very Special People” is a Colombian strategic and creative consultants with global capabilities based in Bogota. VSP has worked for brands such as Lego, Audi, Red Bull, Intel, among others in diverse media such as Digital, T.V., Print, OOH and brand experience. The agency has successful case studies and awards in all of these areas.


VSP is also founder and partner of Festival ALPELUCHE, one of Latin-American first and biggest kid’s festivals, and CLIC, “Latin-American innovation and creativity congress” both on their third edition.