About Us

A Very Special innovation lab.

These are our beliefs.

Let’s make great work so we don’t have to invest in media that promotes BS.

We invest in strategy, creativity and take good care of even the smallest production details, rather than just on indiscriminate use of media. We create interesting and engaging content that optimises media investment instead of promoting one that nobody wants to share. Great products deserve great stories.


It´s not being disruptive, out of just being disruptive.

Disruption it’s about generating hardcore engagement between brands and people, having KPIs and real marketing results. Conscious disruptive innovation opens up new commercial horizons and shakes and destabilizes established market rules and leaders.

Anyone can be disruptive, what matters is always remembering why you wanted to distort the present context in the first place, set some objectives that can truly transform a brand’s ecosystem and constantly  reframe the problem you want to solve. Just then you will be substantially disruptive. One problem can have a million solutions.


We believe that campaigns are not the only way to solve marketing problems.

Sometimes is the product itself that needs a change, maybe the packaging, even the business model of the company or how people see the brand at at the grocery store.


We believe in the who more than in the what:

Great people show you the way and then great ideas and solutions come into place. That’s when we figure out “what” we are gonna do. It is for this reason, we chose to work with MBAs, MAs in Innovation Management and other fields, design and ad award winners and individuals with awesome foreign experience in all kind of spheres. Different points of view make strategy and creativity more powerful. That’s why we are working with people from different disciplines and geography.We bring and hold the best talent in town, that’s what VSP* Very Special People is all about.


Let’s not get bored.

Let’s don’t do the same stuff over and over again, we should decide not to bore ourselves, our clients and our customers. Let’s innovate, let’s propose a different solutions to our market problems or let’s just take forward an idea or business opportunity that we stumbled upon along the process. Let us break through to the other side, break with daily routines, channels of information and established design, culture and business paradigms.