Brinca Brinca it’s one of our three in-house brands, we design and produce cool and stylish teens in bogota and Cali. Up until now, Brinca Brinca has been widely known for selling a limited number of t-shirts with a particular design, since it has always worked in collaboration with independent artists through different design competitions. However, after every competition they had they started to pile-up many references that weren’t famous or appealing to the public that event in some occasions took them 2 years to rotate the remaining stock of particular design.

In 2016, Brinca Brinca in association with VSP*, decided to reinvent the business model completely. We noted that we had to reduce the unsold inventory but we wanted to keep on collaborating with designers. To foster these two needs we decided to purchase Epson’s new textile print machine, hold the coolest design on an app located in our stores where people can choose to print any design they like and the color and shape of their tee. The results have been excellent, we no longer need to rotate unsold inventory, now we have smaller stores since we not need any storage room thus we spend less on rent while providing an more personalized shopping experience for each one of the customers. Ultimately, Brinca Brinca is today a more profitable and sustainable business that keeps on motivating local independent design.